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The Social Network for Stock Traders

What is Corevest?

Corevest is a first of its kind social trading platform. We empower the 54 Million American stock traders with a platform to view and share real time brokerage-validated trading activity and portfolio performance with their network. 

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Corevest Key Features

Sync your Portfolios

In minutes, sync all of your brokerage accounts into one profile!

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Follow your Network

Choose friends to follow and see their performance and investment decisions in real time

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Execute a Trade

Buy or sell a stock on a synced brokerage portfolio and see the trade reflected on your newsfeed. Add a comment or chart to explain your reasoning.

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View your Newsfeed

See ALL your network’s stock traders in real time and provide your feedback via ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’ or comments

Track the Leaderboard

See where your stock portfolios’ performance ranks amongst your network and other Corevest users

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Start a Group Chat

Start a group chat with the best traders in your network to discuss market trends and activity

Follow Premium Traders

Follow the top performing traders on the platform for a small monthly fee to increase your returns

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How you'll Benefit

Follow your favorite professional trader

for small premiums to view or copy their portfolio holdings and trading activity

All your brokerage portfolios consolidated

on one platform for easy to use access

Broker-validated portfolios and transactions

to ensure validity of all shared activity and performance metrics

Compete in daily/weekly/monthly portfolio competitions

to see who the top performers are on the platform

Create a group chat

with up to 100 of your most trusted trading buddies

Tailored news

personalized on the users trading activity and portfolio holdings

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